Grow What You Eat, Eat What you Grow

Put your energy into growing plants that you want to eat. You will soon discover yourself planting your garden and planning future menus simultaneously. If you like Asian food, plant plenty of Asian greens, Japanese bunching onions and daikon radishes. Most Asian vegetables thrive in spring and fall. Summer growing requires plenty of water and harvesting them before they bolt.

Tomatoes and peppers are worth the fuss. The taste of a vine ripened tomato is superior, fresh or made into tomato or chili sauce. Plan to start seeds March and transplant in May or early June. Market gardeners have their seed orders in by November. We can at least be on the lookout for online seed companies, swaps with friends, and whatever we can save ourselves.

The best eggplants for this climate are the small, short season ones, such as Little Fingers. Heirloom eggplant Casper will go seed to seed. Eggplants are staple of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes.

We love our sweet Walla Walla onions. Walla Wallas are planted in fall to overwinter and ripen the next summer. They need consistent water as they mature.

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