Salish Seed News

We are excited to be moving forward with a vision that started a number of years ago of planting a garden with the specific intent of growing seeds for the community.

This will be a way to ensure that everyone who wants to grow out some of the best locally adapted open pollenated non GMO crops can have the opportunity to do so. Ensuring that we are seed secure, self sufficient and resilient.

We envision this being a community endeavor with the opportunity to volunteer, make suggestions, tell stories, contribute your favorite seeds for this area so that they can be grown out for the wider community.

At his point we have located some mid county ground to begin this work in earnest the Spring of 2021. Inspiration Farm and a neighboring property have agreed to host us. Over the next few months we will be preparing the ground, gathering supplies, raising money and awareness for this project. If you are interested in being involved check out our “Volunteer” page and let us know.

First steps will be preparing the soil, gathering tools and putting up a hoop house. We will be taking an inventory of the seeds we have available and select what to grow out for this year. Timing and isolation are key considerations to what we can grow out to accurately save seed from.

We are inviting you to join us on this journey!

What are your thoughts?