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Support our local seed providers:

New Local Geo Garden Club local garden app that builds community garden power

Jenna Deane, a local gardener, is working to create Geo Garden Club – a community-centered garden planning app.  This app will illuminate when other local gardeners are sowing, harvesting, or seed saving, top varieties grown locally, and how well these varieties perform.  Plus, it will provide new ways to gather and reflect on your home garden’s history in order to improve your future gardening outcomes.  This mobile technology is currently being built and scheduled for beta release later this year.  Stay up to date on app development and be first to hear about beta testing opportunities – subscribe to the mailing list or follow @geogardenclub on Facebook or Instagram.

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Free Seed Saving Guide

Check out this free printable pdf seed saving booklet, from the Seed Ambassador’s – the original project of Sarah Kleeger and Andrew Still, who now run Adaptive Seeds in Oregon. This is an excellent booklet to make for handouts for seed-saving workshops.

Celt’s Blogs from Transition Whatcom

Celt wrote a series of blog posts for Transition Whatcom featuring gardening, homesteading, localization, and snarky advice. They can all be found at Blogs – Transition Whatcom ( This one is about what happened when she grew most of what she ate one year.

Celt’s Garden – Food From Around Here – Transition Whatcom (

Updates: Krista Rome is working as a plant guru and has mothballed her seed company Resilient Seeds, formerly Backyard Beans and Grains. Local seed company Uprising is still going strong, along with Territorial and Fedco. Fedco has particularly suitable beans and other short season crops because they are right across the 49th parallel in the other maritime climate. Whatcom Folk School has folded, but the Whatcom Library System has picked up their mission and is offering gardening classes. Check out the classes at Inspiration Farm.

Dry Legume & Grain Growing Guides

Local seed company Resilient Seeds has free one-page growing guides for 13 dry legume and grain crops, taking you step-by-step from planting through harvest, seed cleaning, and cooking.

Seed Planting Guide

Seed Saving Books

  • The Seed Garden: The Art and Practice of Seed Saving, edited by Lee Buttala, et al. Seed Saver’s Exchange, 2015.
  • Seed to Seed: Seed Saving and Growing Techniques for Vegetable Gardeners, by Suzanne Ashworth. Seed Savers Exchange, 2002.
  • Seed Sowing and Seed Saving by Carole B. Turner, Published by Story
  • The Organic Seed Grower: A Farmer’s Guide to Vegetable Seed Production by John Navazio. Published by Chelsea Green, 2012. 
  • Saving Seeds: A Home Gardener’s Guide to Preserving Plant Diversity by Dan Jason. Salt Spring Seeds, 2020
  • The Whole Organic Food Book: Safe Healthy Harvest From Your Garden To Your Plate, by Dan Jason. Raincoast Books, 2001.
  • The Resilient Gardener: Food Production And Self-Reliance In Uncertain Times. by Carol Deppe.  Chelsea Green, 2010. (Carol’s other books “Breed Your Own Vegetable Varieties” and “The Tao of Vegetable Gardening” are also excellent)
  • Beautiful Corn: America’s Original Grain from Seed to Plate, by Anthony Boutard.  New Society Publishers, 2012.
  • Homegrown Whole Grains: Grow, Harvest, and Cook Wheat, Barley, Oats, Rice, Corn, and More, by Sara Pitzer.  Storey Publishing, 2009.


Organizations and Projects

  • Seed Ambassadors Oregon-based seed stewards with the principal goal to increase the diversity of locally adapted varieties & disseminate this resource to further local food system durability. Click the link to
  • KING COUNTY SEED LENDING LIBRARY is a community of seed savers and sharers located in the Seattle area. Supports bioregional seed companies, educates gardeners about seed-saving, and hosts community seed events.
  • Seed Swappers online a new hub for swapping seeds. Receive credits for making your surplus seeds available to other gardeners, then spend those credits to get seeds from other gardeners in the network.
  • Farm Folk CityFolk Research & Education Seed Farm. The Research & Education Seed Farm is a first-of-its-kind model that trains current and future seed growers and advances vegetable seed research while demonstrating the economic potential of seed production in BC.
  • Finny Farm Seed Distro Last year we distributed over 7000 packages of seed in less than two weeks through our little self serve roadside stand and by offering a shipping option.

Informational Videos

Krista shares some seed saving basics and fields a Q & A session.

Brian has restored and made modifications to equipment needed for the small to medium scale seed saving projects.

Peak Moment video featuring our newly refurbished clipper seed cleaner. Read more about the Clipper and the journey to restore it in Celt’s blog post.

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  1. I have a ton of celery seed that I just collected from some celery that was originally planted last year. The seed came from two celery plants grown in a permaculture garden, that grew abundantly and lustily and have just produced an amazing harvest of more seed than I know what to do with. Would anyone there like some either to grow and/or distribute? Thanks, Amber

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