Seed Processing

This is a wonderful Video that Peak Moment did on the SkillShare Faire that featured the restored Clipper Fanning mill.
Here is a short video showing some of my early threshers
Here is a video of a friend, Jeffery who made a bike powered de-hulling machine. Interested in making one similar to this? Contact us

Like what you see? Join us and help create a Salish Seed Movement of growers, processors, savers, educators, tinkers, and organizers.

Refurbishing the vintage Clipper fanning mill Read more about the journey to restore the Clipper in Celts's blog post

If you are interested in helping us build other small scale seed cleaning equipment get in touch. In the days to come we will be working on making items as simple as sets of cleaning screens, to other equipment like winnow wizards and zigzag seed cleaners.